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A simple conference & event app focused on driving meaningful face-to-face meetings.

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Why Use Konectivity


Your attendees might be already using Konectivity. Our networking app is used 24/7 and 365 days a year by professionals everywhere.

Connection Oriented

Attendees will measure the success of your conference by the number and quality of connections they make. Our smart-match algorithm makes sure your attendees meet the "right" people, not just a lot of people

Customized Event Page

Each event has a unique customized event page. The event page would be an ideal page for organizers to distribute general information as well as the contribution by their sponsors.

Cost Effective

We're a cost effective event app solution. Our solution cost approximately $1 per attendee, which is much cheaper than the other existing event app.

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Digital Presence

Our event page supplies you with program schedule, speakers' profiles, sponsors' profiles and other information you wish to include. You not only avoid spending lots of paper work, you also gain more flexibility with the contents you wish to provide to your attendees.

Smart-Match Algorithm

Our powerful Smart-Match Algorithm matches attendee based on their interests and summary. Our goal is to make finding the right people simple and fast.

GeoFenced Networking & Messaging

We install GeoFence at events to do two things:
1. Attendees can identify other conference attendees who are in the same room or event venue.
2. Event organizers can send out notifications based on geo-fence specific location.

In-App Messaging: Before, During & After Your Conference

Users can connect with each other using the in-app messaging feature, whether they are in the airport traveling to your event, relaxing at the hotel bar, or at the conference itself.

Measure your ROI with our analytics reports

Measure the success of Konectivity at your conference with our analytics reports. Find key details like adoption rate and usage metrics. This information helps you to make your future events more memorable.

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Konectivity breathes new life into your networking sessions.

Want to be more valuable and use of your time connecting with the right people? Then don't wait, start using konectivity and experience the difference.

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  • "Interesting application, will definitely help us with our events."

    Candice Seay - Professional event organiser 
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    Meagan Kemp - Communication director
  • "Amazing idea, very useful for our events..."

    Gregory turner - marketing manager